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Drifter & Mae 9 months of age


Welcome to Goodwinds Labs


I have always been an animal lover. I Worked on my uncleís farm every summer and worked at a horse stable also. I would take in strays or whatever seemed to follow me home. My Love for Labradors really came to be when I was 14 years old.  I started working at our local Veterinarian clinic.  One of the Veterinarians that I worked for was also a Labrador Breeder.  He would bring his Labs into work with him most days.  I saw how loving, smart, and what loyal companions they really are.  He taught me what to look for to produce a quality Labrador and the Standards and Integrity of what a good breeder should be.  I also learned the difference between an English Labrador and an American Labrador.  This is when I fell in love with the English Style Labrador.  I had the opportunity to adopt a Black Labrador from a client at the veterinarianís office.  Her name was Nikki and she wasnít the best bred lab, but she was mine. This is when I knew that Labradors were the breed for me.


When my Husband and I got married we decided to get an AKC English Black Female Labrador. Thatís when we found Cassie, our foundation dog.  She was my constant companion and grew up with our two sons. She was the perfect family dog as she loved being around and helping raise our kids. She was a great companion and protector and loved to go out and hunt birds on the weekends. She was everything we hoped for.  We decided to breed her and that is what started our breeding program.


Left to Right: Ripley, Houston, Nestle, Cheyanne & Chase

Fall photo shoot of the kids!


We breed for type, temperament, health, and companionship. A lot of time is spent in researching pedigrees and information on dogs, such as OFA, Heart and Eye certificates before breeding or blending a pedigree together. We are always trying to improve upon the breed by paying close attention to genetics, and always breed with the intention of keeping a pup for ourselves from every litter.


We currently breed Black and Yellow Labradors and have had Chocolate Labs as well. Our Labradors have big blocky heads with a stocky but athletic build. Some of our dogs compete in AKC confirmation shows. I am a member of the Labrador Retriever Club of Potomac and I also do therapy work with my dogs and puppies.


We are not a large kennel and all of our dogs are house dogs and are part of our family. Our puppies are raised in our home as well. Our ultimate goal is to produce a beautiful, healthy quality English type Labrador with an outstanding temperament that will make a loyal companion for many years.


Dazzle striking a pose






Member of Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac




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